Reformin Pur Natur


Reformin Pur Natur Completely Organic!

The new Reformin Pur Natur has arrived! This new mineral feed mixture was developed on the concept of the popular Reformin Plus. With completely organic raw materials this product can be fed in powder form on all organic farms. With the reliable Reformin Plus formula Reformin Pur Natur is also a complete Mineral feed and covers the horses daily demand for vitamins and minerals.
Reformin Pur Natur was developed and tested by scientists in cooperation with experienced practitioners. Next to being a perfect supplement to the minerals and trace elements in the basic feed, Reformin Pur Natur also includes all vitamins in sufficient concentrations and a surplus of the stress-reducing vitamins A and C.

Packing unit

10 kg Bucket


Calcium carbonate, Calcium-sodium phosphate, Brewer’s yeast, Sodium chloride, Magnesium phosphate, Molasses


Crude Ash: 78.9 %
Ash insoluble: 13.3 %
Calcium: 16.0 %
Phosphorus: 5.0 %
Sodium: 5.0 %
Magnesium: 1.8 %

Technological additives per kg

154 g diatomaceous earth (cleaned) E551c

Additives per kg

Vitamin A: 600,000 iE
Vitamin D: 60,000 iE
Vitamin E: 5,000 mg
Vitamin K3: 100 mg
Vitamin B1: 100 mg
Vitamin B2: 160 mg
Vitamin B6: 127 mg
Vitamin B12: 1,260 µg
Nicotine Acid: 810 mg
Folic Acid: 19 mg
Pantothenic Acid: 370 mg
Biotin: 20,260 µg
Choline Chloride: 5,100 mg
Iron: 1,000 mg
Iodine: 50 mg
Copper: 600 mg
Manganese: 1,500 mg
Zinc: 4,800 mg
Selenium: 18 mg

Feed Recommendations

Feed per 100 kg live weight:
Daily Feeding Recommendation in pure hay-grain rations **

Sport horses: 100 g
Breeding horses: 250 g
Yearlings, small horses: 80 g
Foals and ponies: 50 g

* When using pellets / cereals the recommended amount is reduced by 50 %.

Plenty of fresh drinking water that is not too cold should always be at the horse's disposal.