Original Vollkorn-D-Mix


Original Vollkorn-D-Mix The wholemeal cereal

Vollkorn-D-Mix is a wholemeal muesli which is rich in energy and is characterised by a remarkably high digestion support component content. Energy carriers are fully hydrolysed cereals wisely supplemented with dietary valuable molasses, brewer‘s yeast and minerals.

Whilst developing the recipe highest priority was given to the accurate balance between molasses and shredded grains: The desired effect to influence the digestive processes causing the molasses to unfold their slightly laxative trait can only be achieved by a precise dosing of the two components.
Particularly when being fed as a supplement to filling feeds (hay, straw, grass silage), Vollkorn-D-Mix can decrease the risk of colic. Its high energy content not only gives horses that are doing moderate to hard work the necessary power - it also keeps older horses and horses that are poor eaters in good condition. Additionally the large intestines’ natural flora is stabilized and supported by adding brewer‘s yeast, which is rich in B-vitamins. Due to the fact that the synthesis of B-vitamins often decreases in high stress situations this is particularly important during periods of increased physical stress (e.g. competition season).

Packing unit

20 kg Bag


Flaked barley, flaked maize, Toasted oat, Puffed wheat, Shredded wheat, Molasses, Brewer‘s yeast, Vegetable oil


Crude Protein: 10.5 %
Crude Fat: 3.5 %
Crude Fibre: 5.0 %
Crude Ash: 4.5 %
Calcium: 0.6 %
Phosphorus: 0.4 %
Sodium: 0.2 %
Magnesium: 0.1 %

Digestible Energy

12.5 MJ/kg OS
14.2 MJ/kg DS

Digestible Crude Protein

81 g/kg

Additives per kg

Vitamin A: 20,000 i.E.
Vitamin D3: 2,000 i.E.
Vitamin E: 300 mg
Vitamin B1: 4.0 mg
Vitamin B2: 5.4 mg
Vitamin B6: 4.5 mg
Vitamin B12: 40 mcg
Pantothenic Acid: 9.0 mg
Niacin: 20 mg
Folic Acid: 2.5 mg
Vitamin C: 50 mg
Biotin: 500 mcg
Choline Chloride: 150 mg
Zinc: 71 mg
Manganese: 50 mg
Iron: 125 mg
Copper: 15 mg
Cobalt: 1.0 mg
Iodine: 0.75 mg
Selenium: 0.3 mg

Feed Recommendations

Feed per 100 kg live weight:

Light Work: 200 g
Moderate Work: 400 g
Hard Work: 700 g
Daily Hay Ration: 1 - 1.5 kg

Plenty of fresh drinking water that is not too cold should always be at the horse's disposal.