About equinova®

Expertise. Responsibility.

equinova® premium supplements for every horse and every feed supplement requirement. Every equinova® product incorporates expertise and experience by Höveler, one of the leading horse feed producers in Europe.

Profound knowledge of horses‘ nutritional requirements across all breeds and disciplines, intensive dialogue with nutritionists, veterinarians, breeders, owners and riders provide the basis for particular product developments for the benefit of horses. With products Made in Germany, all members of the Höveler and equinova® team exercise responsibility for the equine partner. And Germany, moreover, is the country with the strictest regulations and controls in the EU. Unique formulas, rigorously tested raw ingredients and quality-optimised production guarantee premium supplements.

Specialised feed supplements.

The equinova® range offers premium supplements for specialised and effective use in the case of nutritional or constitutional deficiency symptoms concerning horses of all breeds and ages, involved in all disciplines, e.g.: