equinova - Herba Mash

Herba Mash

equinova® Herba Mash

Diet feed supplement for horses - for a balancing effect in the case of chronic intestinal disturbances.
Bran and linseed contain mucilage and, together with pectins and yeast, promote digestion and metabolism. The selected gut and intestinal herbs in HERBA MASH have antispasmodic properties and, in the case of constipation, can have a relaxing and anticonvulsant effect. The combination of gut and intestinal herbs used in HERBA MASH can reduce the risk of colic.



wheat bran, linseed, oat husk, rolled oats, dried carrots, maize flakes, apple pomace, locust bean, lucerne meal, molasses pulp, linseed oil, molasses, yeast, calcium carbonate, peppermint leaves, fenugreek seed, fennel seed, liquorice root, herbal plants (nettle leaves, caraway seed, blackberry leaves, rosemary leaves, wild thyme, yarrow, birch leaves), oak bark

Analytical constituents:

11.6% crude protein, 10.0% crude fat, 10.7% crude fibre, 5.9% crude ash, 0.6% calcium, 0.5% phosphorus, 0.1% sodium, 0.2% magnesium

Feeding recommendation per 100 kg live weight and day :


For all horses: 50 g - 2-3 times per week


The daily ration equinova® HERBA MASH consists of 50 g mash per 100 kg live weight of horse.
The ratio of HERBA MASH to tea is 1:2.
For preparation of the tea 1 g tea blend per 100 kg live weight of the horse is required.
Pour 100 ml boiling water over 1 g tea blend (c. 1 tea spoon). Let the tea brew until it has reached a temperature below 50°C and pour it over the mash. Do not feed mash until only hand warm.

Calculation example:

Horse with 600 kg live weight:
300 g equinova® HERBA MASH + 600 ml boiling water + 6 g tea blend