equinova - Booster


equinova® Booster

To support sport horses under physical strain.
A composition of various easily available nutrients is necessary to achieve good physical performance. The balance of electrolytes is just as important as the supply of different sources of energy. A sport horse requires short-term as well as long-term availability of such sources of energy to maintain performance standards. In combination with l-carnitine the energy can be transferred to the muscle cells. The essential amino acids in shredded linseed and yeast in combination with magnesium and vitamin E enable fast regeneration and muscle development.
equinova® Booster may also be used for specific weight gain purposes.



processed maize, linseed infrared micronised, linseed oil, linseed meal extract, dextrose, dried draff, yeast, sodium chloride, magnesium fumarate

Analytical constituents:

12.2% crude protein, 24.8% crude fat, 3.8% crude fibre, 2.9% crude ash, 0.1% calcium, 0.3% phosphorus, 0.2% sodium, 0.2% magnesium

Additives per kg:  Nutritional additives

4,000 mg vitamin E in form of all rac-alpha-tocopheryl-acetate (3a700), 4,100 mg L-carnitine

Feeding recommendation per animal and day (final live weight 600 kg):

During training phases: 150 g
Following high strain: 300 g