• For NURSing foals
  • Based on mare’s milk
  • For a healthy start

Disease or  death of a mother mare sometimes makes it necessary to artificially raise a foal.

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  • For NURSIng foals
  • Ideal digestibility
  • Healthy bone structure
  • Healthy growth

Foals require a particularly high amount of energy and protein. For the Höveler Original FohlenMüsli special attention was given to this need during the foal's growth period.

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  • For NURSing foals
  • For weaned foals
  • Essential amino acids
  • Ca:P ratio of 3,6:1

In the first six months a healthy foal‘s energy requirements increase steadily and rapidly. For this reason extra care has to be taken to provide young foals with the necessary energy.

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  • For breeding mares
  • Essential amino acids
  • Best fertility
  • Supplement with grains

terabb-ZF is aligned to the very different and increased needs of highly pregnant or lactating mares and growing foals.

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  • Free of oats
  • Good milk production
  • Healthy foal growth
  • From the 9th month
  • For breeding stallions

Original Höveler ZF Plus is tailored to the changes in nutrient requirement of pregnant and lactating mares.

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