Original PUR.ITAN

Free of grains

Original PUR.ITAN Full value for horses with allergies and metabolic problems.

Modern-day housing conditions and environmental influences often lead to horses with allergies and metabolic problems.

An allergy in a horse can cause itching, skin changes and/or breathing problems and it can also lead to considerable impairment. The origins of the allergy are often unclear. In order to exclude the possibility of a grain allergy it can make sense to feed horses with Original Höveler PUR.ITAN.

Due to the molasses- and grain-free formula the starch and sugar content was able to be distinctly reduced, making this the ideal feed for horses with the Equine Cushing Syndrome, PSSM and/or Laminitis. This energy feed is full of vitamins and minerals, which makes it possible for you to feed your horse full-value feed without increasing the danger of a new laminitis push.

The high quality ingredients such as linseed oil and sunflower oil additionally support a shiny coat. Lucerne hay encourages chewing, resulting in the horse producing more saliva which counteracts over-acidification in the intestines.

Packing unit

20 kg Bag


Alfalfa, Sunflower hulls, Algarroba, Sunflower expeller, flaked pea, Apple pomace, flaked lupine, Linseeds, Sunflower oil, Linseed oil

Ingredients and digestibility

Digestible Crude Protein: 91 g
Digestible Energy per kg OS: 8,5 MJ
Digestible Energy per kg DS: 9,7 MJ
Crude Protein: 12,00 %
Crude Fibre: 26,80 %
Crude Ash: 7,60 %
Crude Fat: 5,20 %
Starch content: 5,20 %
Sugar content: 5,90 %


Calcium: 1,20 %
Phosphorus: 0,50 %
Magnesium: 0,20 %
Sodium: 0,40 %

Fat soluble vitamins per kg

Vitamin A: 14.200 i.E.
Vitamin D3: 3.900 i.E.
Vitamin E: 150 mg

Water soluble vitamins per kg

Vitamin B1: 4 mg
Vitamin B2: 7 mg
Vitamin B6: 3 mg
Vitamin B12: 27 mcg
Niacin: 35 mg
Folic Acid: 3 mg
Biotin: 220 mcg

Trace elements per kg

Iron: 76 mg
Zinc: 126 mg
Manganese: 61 mg
Copper: 20 mg
Iodine: 2 mg
Selenium: 0,4 mg
Cobalt: 1 mg
Potassium: 1,10 %

Amino acids

Lysine: 0,50 %
Methionine: 0,19 %

Feed Recommendations

Feed per 100 kg live weight:

No Work: 130 g
Light Work: 300 g
Moderate Work: 630 g
Daily Hay Ration: 1 - 1,5 kg

Plenty of fresh drinking water that is not too cold should always be at the horse's disposal.