Reformin StiXX


Original REFORMIN StiXX Feed supplement for horses

ReforminStiXX is a practical combination of tasty treat and mineral supplement. With ReforminStiXX you can reward your horse while at the same time giving it all the trace elements and vitamins it needs. As well as being an excellent supplement to the basic ration, they contain all the vitamins and trace elements in just the right concentrations.

Packing unit

2,5 kg Bucket


Barley, lucerne, monocalcium phosphate, sugarcane molasses, calcium carbonate, potato starch, magnesium oxide, sunflower oil

Analytical components

8.7% crude protein
3.0% crude fat
10.4% crude fibre
20.5% crude ash
3.6% calcium
1.8% phosphorus
0.4% sodium
1.1% magnesium

Additives per kg: Nutritional additives

200000 IU vitamin A (3a672a)
60000 IU vitamin D3 (E671)
5000 IU vitamin E as all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (3a700)
4000 mg vitamin C (3a300)
114 mg vitamin B1 thiamin
170 mg vitamin B2 riboflavin
140 mg vitamin B6 pyridoxine hydrochloride (3a831)
1400 µg vitamin B12
880 mg niacin (3a314)
20 mg folic acid (3a316)
380 mg calcium D-pantothenate (3a841)
20000 µg biotin (3a880)
5040 mg choline chloride (3a890)
1325 mg iron as iron sulphate, monohydrate (E1)
25 mg iodine as calcium iodate, anhydrous (3b202)
600 mg copper as copper sulphate, pentahydrate (E4)
1400 mg manganese as manganese oxide (E5)
4000 mg zinc as zinc oxide (3b603)
500 mg zinc as zinc chelate of glycine (3b607)
18 mg selenium as sodium selenite (E8)

Feed Recommendations

15 g per 100 kg body weight = 2 StiXX per 100 kg body weight

Plenty of fresh drinking water that is not too cold should always be at the horse's disposal.