equinova - Betacarotilyt


equinova® Betacarotilyt

To promote fertility of mares and stallions.
Due to its high content of beta-carotene and vitamin A, Betacarotilyt effectively meets the vitamin requirements of breeding horses. In combination with vitamin E, mares‘ seasonal behaviour and fertilisation are positively influenced and the formation of colostrum for initial care of foals is promoted.



Oatfeed meal, wheat middlings, wheat germs, dextrose, wheat (middlings), yeast, calcium carbonate, linseed oil

Analytical constituents:

13.9% crude protein, 8.4% crude ash, 4.6% crude fat, 3.0% crude fibre, 1.6% calcium, 0.6% lysine, 0.5% threonine, 0.5% phosphorus, 0.2% methionine, 0.1% sodium, 0.1% magnesium

Additives per kg:Nutritional additives

300,000 iu vitamin A (E672), 8,000 mg vitamin E (3a700), 12,000 mg beta-carotene (E160a)

Feeding recommendation per animal and day (600 kg):


Mares: 50 g
Stallions: 50 g*

* During covering season.