Höveler Western PUXX

Höveler Western PUXX

Höveler Western PUXX is a tasty addition to horses of all ages and work performance. The PUXX can be used for the usual ration or as a sole nativity changer, especially for tournaments or long rides. But also as a daily meal to support a longer eating and chewing time and thus a healthy digestion, these long-fiber PUXX can be used.

The high-quality structural feed from alfalfa and meadows improves the feeding of the feed and can compensate for this in times of a lack of hay. The alfalfa contained in Höveler Western PUXX is a mixture of structure and numerous vital substances, such as amino acids, which support the targeted muscle build-up.

Thus, Höveler Western PUXX is a combination of basic feed and muscle-building concentrate rounded off with highly developed grain for optimal energy supply. The feeding of additional power feed is possible in combination with the Höveler Western PUXX, but no longer absolutely necessary. The PUXX can be fed to the horses without soaking.

Packing unit

17,5 kg bag


Megalithic grass, alfalfa, barley flakes, corn flakes, molasses, soybean extraction, apple pomace

Ingredients and digestibility

Digestible Crude Protein: 103 g
Digestible Energy per kg OS: 8,0 MJ
Digestible Energy per kg DS: 8,8 MJ
Crude Protein: 11 %
Crude Fibre: 28,80 %
Crude Ash: 7,90 %
Crude Fat: 2,30 %
Starch content: 8,40 %
Sugar content: 6,20 %


Calcium: 0,65 %
Phosphorus: 0,28 %
Magnesium: 0,16 %
Sodium: 0,14 %



Feed Recommendations

Feed per 100 kg living weight

per day: 500-1000g