• Free of Oats
  • Highly Digestible
  • > 70 % shredded grains
  • With Brewer‘s Yeast

Original EF PferdeMüsli

Valuable for energy and diet without oats. Original EF  PferdeMüsli is a welcome alternative to supplements that contain oats.

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  • Free of oats
  • Moderate level of energy and protein

Original Getreide-Mix Gold

The oat-free basic mixture. Original Getreide-Mix Gold can be used as a supplement with hay or silage.

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  • Easily digestible
  • > 45 % thermally treated grains
  • For all horses

Original Reform-Mix

A package combining shredded grains and pellets. Reform-Mix is a light all-round mixture for horses. The finished high-energy mixture consists of oats, shredded grains and pellets

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  • Low amount of pellets
  • > 90 % thermally treated grain
  • Highly digestible
  • Also for growing horses

Original Vollkorn-D-Mix

The wholemeal cereal. Vollkorn-D-Mix is a wholemeal muesli which is rich in energy and is characterised by a remarkably high digestion support component content.

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