Höveler Leckmassen


Höveler Leckmassen

The grazing season tends to end and the grass on the paddocks is almost eroded and contains only a few vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In order to counteract this, the use of mineral feedstuffs is recommended. The original Höveler lick stone (Leckeimer and Leckschalen) offer an optimal supplement to the grass and allow a targeted feeding of minerals. This mineral feed fits well to a hay / oats feeding because of its wide calcium: phosphorus ratio of 3.5: 1. The mineral licks are suitable for all horses of all ages.

Packing unit:

2 kg , 10 kg and 20 kg

Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, the product is not available in our online shop, but at your Höveler dealer.


sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, monocalcium phosphate, molasses, magnesium oxide, wheat bran, brewer yeast

Analytische Bestandteile

15,5 % Calcium
3,8 % Phosphor
13,3 % Natrium
3,0 % Magnesium


15.5% calcium 13.3% sodium 3.8% phosphorus 3.0% magnesium

Nutritional physiological additives per kg

4,000 mg zinc as zinc oxide E6 2,000 mg manganese as manganese II oxide E5 650 mg copper as copper II sulfate, pentahydrate E4 40 mg iodine as calcium iodate, anhydride E2 15 mg selenium as sodium selenite E8

Feed Recommendations

This supplementary feed may only be fed to horses up to 2.0% of the daily ration (88% dry substance) because of the higher content of additives (trace elements) compared to complete feedstuffs.