Original Heu Cobs

Specific requirements

Original Heu Cobs The high quality hay replacement for your horse.

Best forage is cut at the ideal time and directly carefully dried by hot air treatment.
Afterwards this dried material is pressed into cubes of 1.5 mm  diameter whilst retaining its horse-friendly roughage-like structure. Heu Cobs are completely free of mould and irritant dusts thus it is especially suited for horses with sensitive airways.

Höveler Heu Cobs require reduced storage room, are convenient packaged and handy to feed. They are also suited to be used to automatical feeding systems.

Due to its special processing technique, Heu Cobs can also be fed dry after a period of adapting the horse to it and only if the is not a hasty eater and has well working teeth.

Höveler Heu Cobs require 12 hours to be properly moistured in water. An adequate, quicker alternative offer the Höveler Senior-Cobs with a required time of 20 minutes to be properly moisture in water.

Packing unit

25 kg Bag

Ingredients and digestibility

Digestible Energy per kg OS: 9,6 MJ
Crude Protein: 9,50 %
Crude Fibre: 23,00 %
Crude Ash: 11,00 %
Crude Fat: 3,00 %

Feed Recommendations

Feed per 100 kg live weight:

1 – 1.5 kg as hay substitute for 1 kg of hay

It is recommended to add a low content of mineral feed.
Heu Cobs can be fed dry (good insalivation of the pellets).

Plenty of fresh drinking water that is not too cold should always be at the horse's disposal.