Höveler Landleben - Freiland Vollkorn Legemehl

Freiland Vollkorn Legemehl

Freiland Vollkorn-Legemehl is a rough-cut grain variation, supplemented with pure vegetable energy and protein components, optimized with a variety of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace elements and vital substances. It promotes optimal laying performance, the breeding condition and the vitality in all chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, park, wild and ornamental birds during the laying and breeding season.

Recommended is feeding the Landleben Freiland Körnerfutter oder Freiland Körnerfutter „Auslese“ in the fowl, which encourages the natural scraping in the sand and makes the animals confidant!

Packing unit

25 kg bag


Maize, wheat, soybean red HP (steamer), calcium carbonate, wheat bran, mixed fatty acids, monocalcium phosphate, vegetable oil, sodium chloride

Analytical components

17.00 % crude protein
6.50 % crude fat
0.17 % sodium
13.30 % raw ash
3.80 % calcium
0.82 % lysine
3.00 % crude fiber
0.60 % phosphorus
0.41 % methionine 11.5 MJ ME / kg

Additives per kg:

Nutritional physiological additives

10000 I.E. Vitamin A (E672) as a vitamin A preparation
2500 I.E. Vitamin D (E671) as vitamin D3
25 mg of vitamin E
70 mg of iron (E1) as Fe (II) sulfate, monohydrate
15 mg of copper (E4) as Cu (II) sulphate, pentahydrate
80 mg of zinc (E6) as Zn-sulfate monohydrate
100 mg of manganese (E5) as Mn (II) oxide
0.25 mg of cobalt (E3) as the basic Co (II) carbonate monohydrate
1 mg of iodine (E2) as Ca iodate,
0.25 mg of selenium (E8) as Na-selenite

Technological additives

1 mg of butylhydroxyananisole (BHA) (E320)
1 mg buthydroxytoluene (BHT) (E321)
2 mg Propygallate (E310)
0.77 g of sepiolite (E562)

Feeding recommendation:

Provide the Landleben Freiland Vollkorn-Legemehl for free intake in the stable in a suitable vessel.

During feeder feeding the feeding times are extended, this promotes, among other things, the natural picking behavior and prevents spring pecking and cannibalism!